He looked at the clock to check how long he had been lying in that position. On the window, he saw the dewdrops running down, telling him it was damn cold outside. However, nothing could be colder than the feeling he was having. Something was awaiting him and he knew there was nothing he could do to avoid it. He knew he would have to face it sooner or later for it did not depend on his will. If it did, he would surely do whatever he could to prevent it from happening. There was nothing he could do though. And the worst of it: he knew it.
               He had been trying to hide his feelings from strangers and even from his friends all his life because how he feels isn’t other people’s business, is it? Well, that’s what he thought. Nonetheless, it’s been useless for he is too transparent. After getting to know him a little bit, one can see right through his shield, wondering if being that way is really a problem. No, not all! There’s nothing wrong with it.
               Anyway, who would have thought such an intelligent man would be so emotional sometimes, going against the average man? Even though not showing what goes on with him seems to be a clever move, it is also sad for he feels hurt whenever he does it. The more he tries to control his feelings, the more they show. He’s amazing though. A pure example of how  paradoxical we are, of how strong and weak such an astonishing creature as a human being can be.
              It was half past seven already. He stood up, grabbed his hat and books and went out closing the door
behind him for another day had just begun. (…)

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