Last night was stormy. The sky came tumbling down on me and I didn’t know what I was supposed to do. I got scared because I like wind but I’m not very fond of heavy rain. And that fucking rain wouldn’t stop! My first reaction was running away. However, as I looked around, I realised there was no place to hide. Nevertheless, I knew facing a storm has never been something clever, so I sat down by the wall and waited. I waited for the weather to be calm again and it took a while. I thought that rain would never end for it never seemed to become lighter. It did though. The ground got dry quickly and I thought it wouldn’t rain like that anymore so I could come out. What a silly mistake! At the very moment I stood up, it started all again, absolutely uncontrollably. I looked everywhere but there was no shelter. ‘This is it’, I thought. It was when I saw that light. I followed the path to find a warm and dry place, but it was also empty. At least, I would be safe. All I could do, however, was waiting. Well, I’m still here waiting…

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