Woman-love (Reply)

    Every single woman needs to be loved   Even when they say they don’t, they do   They dream of princes, knights and castles   But they never think being unloved is possible   They never think they can be used   Once it happens, they feel the least love-deserving thing   And begin to avoid being involved   With anyone who may disappoint them once more   So they say they don’t care about not being loved   But deep inside they break down   For they are not true to themselves.                            ***    Quote Man-love – … Continue reading Woman-love (Reply)

O Que Realmente Importa

                                 "Se você realmente se importa com o que acontece comigo, por que parece sempre tão alheio?"                                Foi o que faltava para que ele se ofendesse por completo. Ser acusado por sua falta de sensibilidade o feria profundamente, pois ele próprio considerava-se o mais sensível dos homens e não, ele não era Emo! Porém, a frase proferida por sua amada fez soar algo de estranho em sua mente. Será que ele realmente não se importava ou será que apenas não demostrava se importar? Ou ainda, será que se importava sim, a tal ponto de sua querida não perceber … Continue reading O Que Realmente Importa

Shit Happens – Why?

      Why?                   Why does such an awful thing happen to such an incredible creature? Is it some kind of punishment? What for? No, that can’t be. I refuse to accept something like that. It’s simply not acceptable; possible though.                   I don’t know what to think or believe anymore because there’s always something on the way telling me things are not as they seem… Watch out!                  Should I believe it though? If I shouldn’t believe in anything why should I believe in this?                                                                                                                                                                                     ***       * Written in February, 2010 Continue reading Shit Happens – Why?