Brazil 3 x 1 Côte d’ Ivoire – Brazil Classified

                   It was high time Brazil showed some real football, the football as we all know. Although it was a good match, it was also a very aggressive one, not to say violent. I totally disapprove of Ivory Coast’s lack of discipline. They started to get so nervous and irritated for being in a disadvantageous position that they started to become violent, showing and sticking their shoes soles on the Brazilians’ shins. They provoked so much that Kaká, who had been suffering with dozens of fouls which the referee simply didn’t see or pretended not to, wasn’t able to keep calm and got a red card as a result. Shame. He had been showing some improvement and gaining the Brazilian supporters’ trust again.
                  Brazil is mathematically already classified, so let Portugal come and get some!
                  By the way, Drogba who?  😉
                              Ag. / Reuters                  

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