Light Diet

            Three girls talking in a room. Some people are afraid of so many women together because they may be conspiring especially against men. But not this time. You wouldn’t believe your ears if you heard everything that’s said in a room with more  than one woman in it!
               There they were, talking about unimportant things when, suddenly, one of them looked at the belly of the one who was standing next to the doorway and said:
               – You didn’t have that (pot)belly, did you?
              The girl who receives the compliment got visibly upset –  I have always thought everybody knew that telling a woman she is overweight isn’t a nice thing to do! – Anyway, not satisfied yet, the girl who commented on the other one’s belly asked whether she was on diet and, before she had a chance to take a breath and try to explain she hasn’t been on a diet any longer, the third one promptly said:
              – Yes, of course she’s on a diet. The Light Diet, don’t you know it?
              The other two went quiet for some seconds trying to find out what the Light Diet was, when the third girl explained:
              – She turns the light off and eats like a horse!
              Everybody burst into laughter, including the girl who was feeling awkward for having been called fat.
              Women can be so cruel…

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