Birthday Chatter II

     – Look in your bag.    – What is it?    – Go for a piece of paper. I’ve put it in there.    – Ok, Got it. Who wrote it?    – A guy on the train. I wasn’t even looking at him. Then, suddenly, a lady came and handed it to me saying : ‘That guy in a green jacket asked me to give you this.’    – Dear me, Argentinian? Another one? Not again!    – That’s exactly what I thought!    – And have you called him?    – No.    – Why not?   … Continue reading Birthday Chatter II

Birthday Chatter

     – No, I would never say anything straight away for being afraid of hurting the other. We, Leo people, are like that.    – Yes, but even people who have been born under the same sign are still different people.    – Sure, but still, I wouldn’t do it. He seems to be like me in some sense.    – Dear me, why can’t you guys be straight and make things clear? Don’t you see that you hurt more when you beat around the bush and say things other than what you really think and feel? You could save a … Continue reading Birthday Chatter