Birthday Chatter II

 – Look in your bag.
 – What is it?
 – Go for a piece of paper. I’ve put it in there.
 – Ok, Got it. Who wrote it?
 – A guy on the train. I wasn’t even looking at him. Then, suddenly, a lady came and handed it to me saying : ‘That guy in a green jacket asked me to give you this.’
 – Dear me, Argentinian? Another one? Not again!
 – That’s exactly what I thought!
 – And have you called him?
 – No.
 – Why not?
 – I don’t know. Perhaps he’s a jerk, and distributes his phone number on the train… I weigh 80kg and got a number… that’s strange.
 – What’s that? Low self-esteem? You?
 – I don’t know, but it’s strange, isn’t it?
 – Yes, it’s not very common, but maybe it was the first time he did it. Will you call him?
 – I don’t know.
 – Should I get rid of this note then?
 – No, keep it for me, just in case. 😉
 – Haha. You are terrible!

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