English classes can be really fun. Here’s an example.          Students were supposed to draw a map of a city including some important places. There was silence, the four of them were thinking hard of what else they could include when this girl shouted: "Polystation"!          Everybody looked at her with question marks in their eyes… What did she mean?         The only boy in the room asked her if it was a new kind of videogame. Playstation, Polystation… it must be a better one…         Then, smiling at the girl, I removed the question marks … Continue reading Polystation

The Brazilian Patriotism

                           When I was a child, I had to sing our country’s anthem at school every time the 7th of September and all the Independence Day celebrations approached. I remember I used to think it was a pain, but now, I see it from another perspective which makes me have a different idea of it. A positive one. However, I couldn’t help noticing my students’ faces today, showing the same bored expression I used to have.                                               Some things never change…         Continue reading The Brazilian Patriotism