The Unknown

Where do you hide Where are you When you are (not) there Where is your heart What do you find When you look inside Hours passing by me And I keep wondering Where you might be Keep staring at the light And just when I turn around You come into sight However, just like you show up You simply vanish Right in front of my anguished eyes And there I go again Thinking of the reasons you never give me Making such a huge effort to figure out What happens when you are not around. LASS Continue reading The Unknown

Eu Não Existo Sem Você

  Eu sei e você sabe Já que a vida quis assim Que nada nesse mundo levará você de mim Eu sei e você sabe Que a distância não existe Que todo grande amor Só é bem grande se for triste Por isso meu amor Não tenha medo de sofrer Que todos os caminhos Me encaminham a você. Assim como o Oceano, só é belo com o luar Assim como a Canção, só tem razão se se cantar Assim como uma nuvem, só acontece se chover Assim como o poeta, só é bem grande se sofrer Assim como viver sem … Continue reading Eu Não Existo Sem Você

4-Letter Blunder

Today, I’ve been to a shop which I was told could recommend a place where I could get my England’s football tee lettered. The guys at this shop were very nice trying to help me. One of them told me he knew a place where I could take my tee and said he would get their phone number and, if this place was still open when he left work, he would get the information I needed and call me. I told him it was only 4 letters and 2 numbers I wanted. It was when the guy standing at the doorway said: … Continue reading 4-Letter Blunder

A Whirl of Emotions

You A mistery An unsolved puzzle Perhaps an unsolving riddle The more I try To figure you out The less I accomplish Pain, agony, desire, wish A whirl of emotions makes you A hard shield is set Not many can see through it You won’t let them The one(s) you will allow to Will feel they need to protect you But you’ll have to put your shield down You know it You know it’s up to you You are too afraid to do that though Afraid you are Afraid I am Afraid everyone is That’s how it is Just remember … Continue reading A Whirl of Emotions

Brazilian Summer Time

Brazilian Summer Time (BRST) has been adopted since 1985. At the beginning it comprised the whole country, but only in 2003, after sucessive reductions, it became the system it’s known today: South, Southeast and Middle West regions have their clocks advanced in 1 hour. Since 2008, its beginning has been on the 3rd Sunday in October and its ending, on the 3rd Sunday in February, except when it coincides with Carnival celebrations, when it is prorogued in 1 week. BRST corresponds to GMT -02:00. Most people approve of BRST saying they have the impression the day lasts longer. In practise, it does. On the other hand, I always … Continue reading Brazilian Summer Time