Who Are You Going to Vote for?

                   Tomorrow will be  a day for the Brazilians to choose their next president. However, according to polls held over the last 3 months, people don’t know who they are going to vote for Federal and State Representatives, Governor and some haven’t got a clue about who to choose for President yet.

                  It used to be easier, or maybe not so difficult, to choose one’s candidate. One had just to analyse  the candidates’ proposals and choose the one they believed would make a difference in and for Brazil. This time, however, it’s so damn hard to do that because the candidates only talk about each other’s past, trying to offend them in all senses so that they can get the electors’ votes. What a poor strategy! I just feel sick whenever they do that, especially because they forget to mention their proposals for the benefit of the country.

               Anyway, if tomorrow is not decisive, if Dilma Rousseff is not already elected, there will be a second round in November: Rousseff X Serra. We must admit she’s got advantage for having the present President Lula as her canvasser though, which is ridiculous and sad because people won’t be voting for Dilma, they will be voting for Lula instead.

            As far as Serra is concerned, it’s a shame he says he wants to keep all the social programmes Lula has created and that he’ll create others in the same sense. He’s from the Extreme Right and now he wants people to believe he is not. His speech is so unnatural that it’s obvious he won’t do what he says he will once he becomes president.  

            Many people to whom I have talked don’t know who to vote for, so they say they might vote for no one. I’m against that. I think we all should try to change things by choosing the one we think may be the best, even when all of them seem to be bad. So tomorrow, I’ll play my part the best I can.


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