What Else to Expect

Imagine the scene: two boys aged 13, taller than me, in a 5th grade classroom. Did you imagine it?

Right, now pay attention to this boy named  E. E does nothing. He doesn’t talk to anyone. He doesn’t even do what he’s supposed to. Absolutely nothing. Now, on your left is V. V is always provoking everyone. Although E is quiet, V finds a way of provoking him. V, then, challenges E to punch him after he’s been warned by E. Can you imagine the following scene?

Exactly! At about 8.15 a.m., E stands up and punches V on his face, making his nose bleed. Both are taken to the principal’s office and what happens next? I invite you to guess.

No, my friend. You are absolutely wrong. They haven’t been punished. There was just a “you must not do such a thing blah blah blah” speech and both were sent back to the classroom.

I wonder if to be punished with suspension a student needs to stab another one or do something worse. And then teachers, supervisors and principals complain children have no discipline, limits or respect. It’s all such a bloody shame.



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