A Whirl of Emotions


A mistery

An unsolved puzzle

Perhaps an unsolving riddle

The more I try

To figure you out

The less I accomplish

Pain, agony, desire, wish

A whirl of emotions makes you

A hard shield is set

Not many can see through it

You won’t let them

The one(s) you will allow to

Will feel they need to protect you

But you’ll have to put your shield down

You know it

You know it’s up to you

You are too afraid to do that though

Afraid you are

Afraid I am

Afraid everyone is

That’s how it is

Just remember whilst you hide yourself away

You don’t live your life fully

So I ask you:

Is it worth not enjoying what life is about for being too afraid?

Is that living or just being?


**Although I dislike Paulo Coelho’s work, he once said something true:

“Don’t explain your feelings, they belong to you.”

I couldn’t agree more…

21 thoughts on “A Whirl of Emotions

    1. “(…) wanting to be understood” – That’s what makes each one of us complex beings.

      “(…) a mistery” – That’s what makes each one of us interestingly amazing beings. 🙂

      1. Loved this, its so amazing finding a piece which translates what we are feeling at the moment.
        The pain gets smaller when we know that there are other people in the world walking through the same rough road.
        all I can say is that I’ve passed through the same situation quite recently, well I’m still recovering.. and while reading your poem I got the impression u are walking the same path I took. And far from me trying to give you advises, but would you let me say something as a sister in disgrace?

        Don’t try to find excuses – well, i must say that’s a hard lesson I’m still learning – for his behavior, “ok, I know he loves me, he’s just afraid” is it really true? or are you trying to make it sure?
        So, try to put in on a scale and see if its really worthy. remember that Time doesn’t stop and the longer u carry a pain, the heavier it gets. quoting you “this not living, just being” which one are u choosing, girl?
        I’m sorry for saying this so bluntly, but it pains me see a girl suffering like that, especially when I’ve done the same thing, its like I’m seeing myself reflecting on you.

        Well, I hope u resolve your mystery, but there are few things that u might not have found:
        YOU are very nice, intelligent – well for I could see here in your blog -, talented and pretty as well
        but above all,
        You deserve be happy. And life has so many ways for happiness when we accept it the way it is…

        A big hug from someone who wishes you the best,

        Em Nott

  1. I just am like that ,like a person u just explained.
    What you said is very true.It’s not living,just being.
    Being in a shell of fears..
    Just now I am in the process of breaking that rigid shell..If you have any easy way please tell me…
    This is one way of trying to mix up with people.
    I am telling you all this becos..the poem touched soft spots..Good job

    1. Well, dear. Unfortunately, I don’t know any easy way for breaking that rigid shell in which you are. But, by knowing yourself well, it must make things easier. Go ahead, find out the nice person you are and don’t be sorry for yourself. Be sorry for the one who’s not with you, because he/she is the one who’s been missing the chance of being with someone nice.


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  3. I don’t understand but i won’t ask anymore from what is written. if it’s what you want, it’s still worth the trouble to break a wall, ain’t it?

    your piece hits close to home and it’s a strong sentiment as well.

    good piece =]


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