Sir Paul McCartney

Here on this video is the reason why Sir McCartney is simply a genius. Such a lovely man. I admire him even more now, and I’m pretty sure one of the moments that will make me cry during his performance next Sunday will be when he plays Here Today, the song he wrote right after Lennon’s death.,,GIM1366557-7823-PAUL+MCCARTNEY+FALA+SOBRE+OS+SHOWS+QUE+FARA+NO+BRASIL,00.html Advertisements Continue reading Sir Paul McCartney

The New (Female) President

Last night it was announced: Dilma Rousseff became the first woman in charge of Brazil’s presidency in 510 years. Like Mr Lula likes to say “Never before in the history of this country” has such a thing happened. Rousseff had never been elected for anything probably because she had never run for any positions before. In her 25-minute speech, she reinforced the goal (or promise?) of eradicating poverty in Brazil. That’s a tough one, I can’t help becoming suspicious on such a serious statement, but let’s hope she makes it. Check what’s being said about our new president and have your own conclusions: … Continue reading The New (Female) President

Your Will

You’ve never promised anything I am the one who has fantasies Perhaps you have them too But your fantasies are neither bigger Nor stronger than your will And the point is that I get deeply sad When I realise that Your will Seems not to meet mine You never tell me to wake up though You keep feeding this feeling Making it grow stronger Maybe unconsciously You like the feeling of being loved And don’t want to lose it But that would be too selfish of you Maybe you just don’t love me As much as I love you. LASS Continue reading Your Will