Funny The Way It Is – DMB

Lying in the park On a beautiful day Sunshine in the grass And the children play Sirens passing Fire engine red Someone’s house is burning down On a day like this Evening comes And we’re hanging out On the front step And a car goes by With the windows rolled down That War song is playing “Why Can’t We Be Friends” Someone is screaming and crying In the apartment upstairs Funny the way it is If you think about it Somebody’s going hungry Someone else is eating out Funny the way it is Not right or wrong Somebody’s heart is … Continue reading Funny The Way It Is – DMB

Evolved or Clueless?

Some days ago, a friend of mine, who has lived in Europe for years, and I were talking about Europe, more specifically about Germany, Belgium, England, the English, European people in general and their behaviour as well as their beliefs. He told me about how women behaved, comparing Europeans to Brazilians. He also told me he had seen loads of shite that people do not tell anyone. Sexual orgies and that kind of stuff. I got shocked. He called them hypocrites.  He said we Brazilians have evolved a lot as far as sex is concerned. Brazilians are more sexually evolved than Europeans. … Continue reading Evolved or Clueless?