Evolved or Clueless?

Some days ago, a friend of mine, who has lived in Europe for years, and I were talking about Europe, more specifically about Germany, Belgium, England, the English, European people in general and their behaviour as well as their beliefs.

He told me about how women behaved, comparing Europeans to Brazilians. He also told me he had seen loads of shite that people do not tell anyone. Sexual orgies and that kind of stuff.

I got shocked. He called them hypocrites.  He said we Brazilians have evolved a lot as far as sex is concerned. Brazilians are more sexually evolved than Europeans. Full stop.

I was shocked again. You must be thinking “how can she say she was shocked if it must be much worse in Brazil, a place where sex is on your face?” 

First of all, I wasn’t shocked for hearing Europeans are fond of orgies, but for the hiding fact. He told me about things he had seen and heard in the conservative Europe which we, liberal Brazilians, the so-called libertines, would never be able to imagine.

Second, I questioned him: Have we evolved more or got more clueless? Banalisation of sex isn’t equals to evolution. It’s simple Maths.

I’m not sure we are more evolved in terms of sex. I’m not so sure Europeans are hypocrites in terms of sex either. Maybe they are right  not letting others know about it. It’s none of anyone’s business after all, I said.

So my friend took a minute, thought about what I had just said and, taking a sip of his beer, he gave in:

– “Yeh, perhaps you are right…”

– “Cheers.”


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