Thought of him
When I saw the sea
Whilst the waves licked my legs
The only thing I could think
Was that there was an ocean
That one ocean
Keeping us apart.

Too little to hold us apart
Too much to let us be together
Suddenly a stubborn thought
Cried on my mind
A thought that wouldn’t leave me alone
What does he really feel?
Would he do what should be done?
Will he ever say that little but essential word?

With a hard splash
A wave washed everything away
For a moment
And the unseen tears
Mixed into the salty water
Were carried away
To the bottom
Where all secrets are kept.

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3 thoughts on “Splash

  1. Tizz, I would like to feature this poem in either July or August on my Poetic License series. Once a month I post great poetry that I find by searching blogs such as yours. If you allow me to use your poem, you will get full credit and a link back to your site.

    Three times a year I will also be combining the previous four months into one large magazine style post. If you don’t mind please let me know. If you would like to see an example, the first magazine issue of the last trimester of 2010 was posted on January 6th (http://morningerection.wordpress.com/2011/01/06/the-new-tri-annual-poetic-license-magazine/) with the poems from Sept-Dec of 2010.

    Here is the link to the January Poetic License (http://morningerection.wordpress.com/2011/01/03/poetic-license-5/) if you would like to see it before you decide. Thank you for your consideration, regardless of your decision.

  2. Thanks, Tom. Sure, it’d be a pleasure to have one of my thoughts published on your blog. Whenever someone likes one of my poems and feels like sharing it, I get amazed because I never think they are a big deal. Perhaps I’m too demanding 🙂

    1. Perhaps you just need to approach your writing in a way that would allow you to see it for the first time — as if you were reading a poem by someone else. How to do that, I have no idea!

      Your poem will be featured on July 4th and again in September. Thank you very much. I hope you get to stop by and read a few of January’s poems. Have a great weekend!

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