Useless Culture Discussion

It was a nice evening and they were in the kitchen preparing something to eat when a serious discussion started. No one really knows how:

– Do you know that song called ‘Hokey Pokey’?

– You mean ‘Hokey Cokey”?

– Cokey? No, it’s Pokey.

– No, it’s not.

– Yes, it is.

– No, it’s not. It’s Hokey Cokey.

– No way, I’m pretty sure it’s Pokey.

– I learnt that song when I was a child and it has always been Cokey.

– It can’t be.

– I’ll show you.

– Ok, so show me.

– See?

– Hmm, so there’s a Hokey Cokey indeed.

– I told you.

– But I’m not satisfied. I do know there’s a Hokey Pokey too. Let’s see.

– There! Ha, I told you.

– Indeed.

– It must be the American version, I suppose.

– Yeh, I suppose… Tea’s ready.

– Great.

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