Can’t sleep… These annoying tears won’t let me. My mind keeps telling me that what I have today is all I’ll ever have, but my silly heart does not want to listen to it. It should be easier to accept what is there but it’s not. Whenever I feel a teardrop rolling down my cheek I feel like crying even more… It hadn’t been like that for a long time. There hasn’t been pain, however, there hasn’t been emotion either. At least I haven’t become a rock yet and this shows me I’m still alive. But what intrigues me is … Continue reading Insomnia

As Mad As A Hatter

What would you think If one day you woke up And realised nothing Is like it used to be? Would you be scared? Helpless? Would you simply not mind or not care? Would you move on or regret? What would you do If I got tired of it too? Would it be so much ado? Whatever your answer is Does not really matter For I still don’t know Whether this is right Or as mad as a hatter. Continue reading As Mad As A Hatter

Good Morning

I’ve just remembered a thing that girl who had a swollen eye told me that day… – Teacher, did you know you are my favourite teacher? I like you very much. – Well, thanks. Why is that? She thought for a moment and said: – I don’t know. I think it’s because you are the only one who says good morning to us as you come into the classroom. And by that she meant I was the only one who really treated them well. It shouldn’t be like that. Continue reading Good Morning


               Last Friday, while my 6th grade students were doing some wordsearches, a warm discussion started at the back of the classroom. One of the girls had a sore eye when she arrived in class earlier, but after about an hour, it had become bigger, really swollen. So they thought it could be a stye. The biggest problem seemed to be the correct pronunciation of it in Portuguese. They’ve been telling each other it was interçol and entreçol. The other students around them started to get confused too. Which word was the right one after all? After a lot of talking and no … Continue reading Stye

Cute Mistakes

Being a young child can be a hard task when pronouncing words correctly is involved. A few days ago, I was playing a computer game with my 5-year-old son and, although I’ve tried hard not to laugh, I failed miserably when he mispronounced the word animal and said alimal instead. He obviously got mad at me because I insisted on correcting him between a smile and some laughter. But don’t think I was crude, no, it was just a mum’s smile at another cute thing her son had done. I was still playing my mum’s part by trying to correct him, even though my … Continue reading Cute Mistakes