Cute Mistakes

Being a young child can be a hard task when pronouncing words correctly is involved. A few days ago, I was playing a computer game with my 5-year-old son and, although I’ve tried hard not to laugh, I failed miserably when he mispronounced the word animal and said alimal instead. He obviously got mad at me because I insisted on correcting him between a smile and some laughter. But don’t think I was crude, no, it was just a mum’s smile at another cute thing her son had done. I was still playing my mum’s part by trying to correct him, even though my awww feeling spoke louder.

After that, he mispronounced another word, which he corrected immediately, probably afraid of both my smiling and laughing again. This time he said I kicklied instead of  I clicked. It was funny because it immediately reminded me of a little boy I saw on a train in England last year, can’t precise where to though. Probably Liverpool. Anyway, he was sitting at the right with his mum and  another lady. The fact that he couldn’t pronounce gigantic caught my attention. I started smiling at his gaigantic difficulty, finding it extremelly cute whilst he fought to get it right.

– Gaigantic…

– Gigantic, his mother would say.

– Gaigantic… I can’t say it!

– Gigantic.

After some attempts of getting it right and my smile having turned into a grin, because the whole situation reminded me of my own son, who had stayed in Brazil, his mother gave him the best immediate solution to his problem as we all got off the train.

– Just say very big!

I nodded in agreement. Bravo, mummy!


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