Last Friday, while my 6th grade students were doing some wordsearches, a warm discussion started at the back of the classroom. One of the girls had a sore eye when she arrived in class earlier, but after about an hour, it had become bigger, really swollen. So they thought it could be a stye. The biggest problem seemed to be the correct pronunciation of it in Portuguese. They’ve been telling each other it was interçol and entreçol. The other students around them started to get confused too. Which word was the right one after all? After a lot of talking and no conclusion reached, one of them saw me smiling and came to me:

               – Teacher, which is right, interçol or entreçol?

And with a smile, I told her none of them was correct as her mouth opened with surprise.

               – The right one is terçol.

               – Really, teacher?

               – Yes.

               The discussion was over. However, it’s been pretty useful. They’ve learnt the right spelling and pronunciation of a word they already knew and I’ve learnt a new word in English since I had to look for it to write this entry. 🙂


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