What I (Don’t) Want

You might think I don’t know what I want. Well, that might sometimes be true, but I do know what I don’t want.

I don’t want a wedding ceremony full of daisies or roses if I am not really loved. I don’t want politeness if in your inner self you want me to get lost.

I don’t want to be a burden for anyone. I don’t want fancy clothes, cars or anything I can’t afford. They won’t make me happier anyway.

I know where I’ve come from. I know where I am. And, although you might think I don’t know where I’m going, I do. I so do.

Perhaps by now you know you were wrong when you doubted my real intentions. Perhaps you’ll give me a chance to show how I feel about you and about all this unusual situation. Perhaps you’ll make me wait more. Perhaps you just don’t give a shit.

Whatever it happens, I’ll do what I think I ought to do. I know how to restart again and again if I need to.

Because all I want is some happiness, love and freedom. That’s what everyone wants, isn’t it?

Well, I guess I do know what I want after all.

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