As soon as I woke up, I felt it would be an awkward day. I started feeling some weird pain in my head. A sudden quick tolerable but worrying pain. One of a kind. The strangest pain I had ever had. As the day went by, my look grew heavy and, before I noticed it, I had got a long face. Suddenly, no expression could I show. People would talk to me but I wouldn’t listen to them. All I would listen to was the voice in my head, saying something was wrong.

          As the evening came and work was done, I headed home thinking about everything I had ever done. “What if I died today? Right now? Who would take care of my child? So, is that it? I just die?” – A zillion questions bubbling inside my head. Then, I was suddenly afraid of something I had never been afraid of before: DEATH.  I was  so fucking scared. What a horrible feeling!

          At night, after teaching my child to phone his grandpa for help in case anything ever happened to me, we went to bed. The worst night ever. I kept waking up every 20 minutes, mind you, afraid of not being able to ever wake up again.

          Fortunately, it’s been 2 days I haven’t felt any pain now. Luckily, it was nothing but a consequence of my bad posture. Anyway, it made me think. It helped me reflect on lots of things I have or haven’t been doing, questioning myself about them, and realising what should be changed. So, can you hear the ruffling drums? Changes will begin soon…


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