The Nonbeliever

She won’t believe anyone It’s not that she doesn’t want to She just can’t. True  intentions are hard to be seen She would have to take the risk And take a chance. She’s not sure it will be worth it though For she’s been hurt enough She wouldn’t take it anymore. Between a tear and an evil thought She sees no way out. She thinks and sighs She is then convinced at last That it is time to let go Since it’s all past. Continue reading The Nonbeliever

When I Leave

When I leave I’ll run into your arms And hold you tight I won’t let you go No, not this time. When I leave You’ll smile because you’ll know You hope it won’t take too long For me to be where I’m meant to be And you long to have me near you soon. When I arrive You’ll know it will be forever I’ll be there And I’ll stay. When I arrive You’ll wish we had never been apart Because you’ll look into my  eyes And you’ll know that I’ll never ever leave again. Continue reading When I Leave

15 Years Without Renato

  Fifteen years ago, the greatest Brazilian lyricist left us. Here’s to him. Never forgotten. Salve, Renato Russo!   Há Tempos Legião Urbana Parece cocaína Mas é só tristeza Talvez tua cidade Muitos temores nascem Do cansaço e da solidão Descompasso, desperdício Herdeiros são agora Da virtude que perdemos… Há tempos tive um sonho Não me lembro, não me lembro… Tua tristeza é tão exata E hoje o dia é tão bonito Já estamos acostumados A não termos mais nem isso… Os sonhos vêm e os sonhos vão E o resto é imperfeito… Dissestes que se tua voz Tivesse força igual À imensa dor que sentes Teu grito … Continue reading 15 Years Without Renato