Brain x Heart

– Listen to me, you shouldn’t care… Why do you still think about it? Just move on… You don’t need this… Why you listen to me but don’t follow my advice? Don’t be stupid, c’mon!! You know all the theory, what is it that prevents you from doing it for real? – A strong feeling does. – C’mon, don’t be silly. What will you be again when you realise this hasn’t worked out? BROKEN, that’s what you’ll be! – Maybe you’re right… – Of course I am! Wake up! I mean, is that what you want? To be broken into … Continue reading Brain x Heart

Blind Love

She’s trying to move on But in a second of distraction He’s back to her mind. She thinks of talking to him But she holds herself back For she’s afraid of what she may find. She’s afraid of being right Of realising she’s too involved to let go And end up falling behind. Related articles Watch the video, listen to the song. Pure gold. You Should Know: Etta James – I’d Rather Go Blind ( Continue reading Blind Love

Letter to a Friend

Querida amiga, There’s nothing I can say To ease your pain. I’m deeply sorry And I can’t do anything but worry. My thoughts are with you And she’s in my prayers. I’m sorry I’m not there To hold you now But you know I’ll always be here To listen to and support you. May she rest in peace. – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Dear friend, Não há nada que eu possa dizer Para amenizar … Continue reading Letter to a Friend

Bad Teacher

This film was released last June in the UK while I was there, but I didn’t manage to see it for having loads of stuff to read. Only now it’s available at the video stores in Brazil, so I decided to watch it, not really expecting much, since Cameron Diaz isn’t on my top-favourite-actresses list. Although it’s an average film, one can have a good laugh at some unexpected foul-mouthed lines.   Continue reading Bad Teacher