New York Brass Band

After catching a fucking cold and being assisted (assisted, really?) by a doctor who thought all I needed was to be listened to instead of treated (bloody hell! – I wonder if she was a psychologist and what the hell she was doing at the emergency department), all I could think about was those freaking 40 degrees I hate so and how I’d get back to them sooner.

It was only then I caught myself in the windy weather, standing in front of these boys. They are really cool. So cool that they even made me forget how cold it was in York and smile! 🙂

Visit and support the lads at

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2 thoughts on “New York Brass Band

  1. Thank you so much for digging the New York Brass Band

    It was very cold but we get a real buzz from playing in town

    Please continue to spread the word about our website and our Facebook page

    We would love to come over to Brazil for a few warm weather gigs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Digging the New York Brass Band has been such a pleasure and I’ll surely let everyone know about the band.
      Having you guys over would be fantastic. Hot steaming gigs, I’d say! 🙂

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