Brain x Heart

– Listen to me, you shouldn’t care… Why do you still think about it? Just move on… You don’t need this… Why you listen to me but don’t follow my advice? Don’t be stupid, c’mon!! You know all the theory, what is it that prevents you from doing it for real?

– A strong feeling does.

– C’mon, don’t be silly. What will you be again when you realise this hasn’t worked out? BROKEN, that’s what you’ll be!

– Maybe you’re right…

– Of course I am! Wake up! I mean, is that what you want? To be broken into a million pieces? Again?

– No, I don’t wan…

– So listen to me and do what I say: set yourself free! I’m not saying it’s easy, but you gotta do it. Got it?

– Yes, sir. I’ll try to do it, sir.

– Don’t try… Do it!

– …(Sigh)


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