Daniel na Cova dos Leões

After hearing my neighbours listening to some shite music and analysing the empty lyrics teenagers enjoy listening to nowadays, I felt a bit nostalgic and missed my teenage years when music still used to mean something and adolescents would play good music. Here’s a sample: Daniel Na Cova Dos Leões Legião Urbana Aquele gosto amargo do teu corpo Ficou na minha boca por mais tempo. De amargo, então salgado ficou doce, Assim que o teu cheiro forte e lento Fez casa nos meus braços e ainda leve, Forte, cego e tenso, fez saber Que ainda era muito e muito pouco. … Continue reading Daniel na Cova dos Leões


A meadow filled up with tulips A simple representation of happiness My ideal happiness A child runs into it Laughter is all I hear. Tulips won’t last forever Neither will happiness It seems that child is aware of it Although I know it isn’t so. So I’ll join in Live it to the fullest That’s my moment We’ll laugh And I shall never feel the bluest. Continue reading Tulips