Someone Who

I need someone Someone who will listen Without judging me. Someone who will be there for me Someone I can trust And won’t intentionally hurt me. I need someone Who will make fun of me And will laugh at themselves. Someone who will come for me Someone who will rescue me And tell me I can close my eyes Because they’ll still be there When I open them again. I need someone Who’ll stick with me till the end Yes, I definitely need a real friend. Continue reading Someone Who

Secret Confessions

I secretly love you, he thought. But I think of you all the time Was what he said. Can’t forget the smell of your hair And that hug you gave me. Why do you vanish? Don’t you know how much I miss you? Why am I not flattered like I should, she thought. Those words brought her fear instead of a grin And only then did she realise it was because Those words haven’t come from the one she loves. Continue reading Secret Confessions