Expression of the Day

Put up or shut up is the expression I wish I could tell some people I know. It means they should stop talking about something and just do it. That’s what I usually do. Oh, and how I wish people would be more determined! Shame it isn’t that simple… Americans often use the expression fish or cut the bait to mean the same. However, I have no doubt the best expression that translates what I mean is still shit or get off the pot! Advertisements Continue reading Expression of the Day

Originally posted on UNDER THE TOADSTOOL:
KONY 2012   Here’s a campaign that has been gaining support across all social network websites and Youtube! The name of the campaign is KONY 2012 and has been set up by the wonderful people at “Invisible Children” to try to raise awareness/support for the arrest of Joseph Kony and set a precedent for international justice. This campaign has gone viral within 2 days with celebrities and politicians all taking part in it. Heres the link to “Invisible Children’s” video about the campaign so PLEASE take a look!! – Joseph Kony is a man… Continue reading

What Goes On In Here

Always ready Waiting for your invitation But you don’t know Don’t know what goes on in here Don’t know what you want Don’t know if you want. It seems you do what you will Maybe you really do it Maybe it’s just your shield Maybe you are just naïve. And you don’t realise You break my heart Whilst trying to prevent me From breaking yours.   See the Portuguese original here Continue reading What Goes On In Here