Disturbing Sounds

Resting my head on my pillow I hear sounds Sounds that make me crazy And that keep me up till dawn. Crickets, a tv, a woman walking above Then suddenly the most disturbing sound Begins to hit my ears A sound that comes from inside: My very heart beating… It hurts me every time I hear it Because every beat reminds me It’s for no one no longer But just to keep my body alive That my heart still beats. Continue reading Disturbing Sounds

Did You Know What You Were Singing?

  This afternoon, while I was doing the dishes, I was listening to the radio, to a show that plays old songs, basically. Songs from the late 80’s and early 90’s had been on when one that I used to dance to as a teenager started to play. I turned up the radio and started to pay attention to the lyrics, which I had never done because I couldn’t speak English when I was a teenager. When I heard the first verse, which is also the title of it, I thought “WTF?!” And then I started to laugh and think … Continue reading Did You Know What You Were Singing?