Queen Popcorn

At the end of my afternoon class today, I was crowned. I decided to show an¬†episode of a sitcom to my teenage students, and they obviously wanted popcorn because, according to them, ¬†it’s impossible to watch a film without the fantastic white nibbles. One of them even told me: “Teacher, if you make us some popcorn, we’ll crown you. You’ll be our queen! You’ll be our queen!” So, I went upstairs in order to¬†fetch the soft drinks¬†and decided to fulfill their wish… They were right after all! When I came back carrying the buckets of popcorn, it happened. “Teacher!!”, one … Continue reading Queen Popcorn

A crise dos 50

This¬†tale is by¬†a student¬†who’s absolutely precious¬†to me. She’s a teenager¬†who enjoys¬†classic¬†Literature¬†and¬†can¬†write¬†pretty¬†well, which¬†is something¬†rare¬†nowadays, if¬†you¬†ask¬†me. Here’s her¬†first¬†tale. It’s in Portuguese¬†but¬†I’m sure you¬†can¬†manage¬†to understand¬†it.¬†Hope¬†you¬†enjoy¬†it¬†as much as I do. A crise dos 50 by¬†Marina Guerin Era dia de festa em minha casa, pois comemorava 50 anos. Toda a minha fam√≠lia e todos os amigos foram convidados. Esperava ansiosamente a chegada de todos e a cada pessoa que chegava, uma alegria tomava conta do meu ser. Era √≥timo as pessoas que amo comemorando comigo meu dia de anos. Tudo estaria perfeito, a noite seria perfeita se aquele fato n√£o tivesse ocorrido… A campainha tocou, … Continue reading A crise dos 50