A Country Mourns

Hey, guys! I know it’s been a little while since my last post, but it’s been hard to write anything or look for anything nice to post, specially after this awful weekend. You have probably heard about the tragedy that occured in Santa Maria, in my state, Rio Grande do Sul. There was a fire in a nigthclub and 234 young men and women died so far. The number, unfortunately, can increase since about 100 people are still in hospital. I didn’t know anyone there, but I grieve for their families, who lost their beloved children. It’s just me being … Continue reading A Country Mourns

Seductive Imperfection

The girl with brown hair knows she shouldn’t But she can’t help loving him for being the way he is She accepts him entirely She sometimes gets mad at him but she won’t want him to change a thing The imperfection of his being Is what intrigues and seduces her most Leaving all the sorrows He’s ever caused her behind She’ll be waiting until he decides and swims across the coast. Continue reading Seductive Imperfection

Brazilian Cinema

Last weekend was dedicated to the Brazilian Cinema. I chose 3 totally different films to watch and I daresay I wasn’t disappointed at all. Here they are, in order of viewing: 1. FEDERAL (2010) Vital (Carlos Alberto Riccelli) is a Brazilian federal police deputy who leads a special investigation group focused on capturing an international drug lord, named Carlos ‘Beque’ Batista. Vital’s team is completed by three other cops: Dani (Selton Mello), Lua (Cesario Augusto) and Rocha (Christovam Neto). Dani is a young federal agent, whose specialty is to infiltrate in and investigate the activities of the young drug oriented … Continue reading Brazilian Cinema


The shield that protects me And prevents my being hurt Is the same shield that hurts me By isolating me from the world. I’ve built it up by myself But it seems I need you To help me break it down And release me from this state. It won’t let me go on If it’s not well-positioned In front of me. But with this shield blocking my view I can’t see who’s there So I alone keep following this path that I once knew. Continue reading Shield