A Country Mourns

Luto por Santa Maria

Hey, guys!

I know it’s been a little while since my last post, but it’s been hard to write anything or look for anything nice to post, specially after this awful weekend. You have probably heard about the tragedy that occured in Santa Maria, in my state, Rio Grande do Sul. There was a fire in a nigthclub and 234 young men and women died so far. The number, unfortunately, can increase since about 100 people are still in hospital.

I didn’t know anyone there, but I grieve for their families, who lost their beloved children. It’s just me being human. I can’t do anything to help and that makes me feel useless. All I can do is feeling sorry… (sigh)

Read about the tragedy here:

The Guardian – Brazil Nightclub Fire in Pictures

BBC – Brazil Nightclub Fire: What Happened?

In the attempt to get some comfort, I’ve been listening to this song by Cidadão Quem, a band from my state. Hope it makes you all feel a little better and believe in a colourful tomorrow.


See you all soon,





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