Hey, guys!

If you’ve been aware of the news here in Brazil, and whether you are thinking or not about coming for the World Cup 2014, please, take a few minutes to watch this and help us make some noise because the Brazilian people is fed up with  their federal defective justice system and political issues. In 1992, our people had the courage and the power to change the history of this country by going out to the streets with their faces painted in green and yellow and demanding the former president’s impeachment and they got it. The time to do something again and show our dissatisfaction has come and we can’t allow it to go by and live in a dictatorship again, even though it’s disguised as a democracy. If you believe in this cause, please, help us spread the word. We are not against the sports events, we only can’t accept billions of public money being put down the drain while our children have no decent education, our people die waiting in endless queues for medical assistance, violence rates increase dreadfully every day and no housing is available, although the middle class pay extortionate taxes and get nothing in return. We can’t watch all this and stay quiet anymore. Whether you share this or not, I thank you for taking your time to become aware of what’s been going on here in Brazil.

“Sorry for the inconvenience, we are changing the country” #changebrazil
Brazilians in Ireland #changebrazil

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