The Dave Matthews Gig of My Life

How can I describe the gig of my life?

Well, I got to the venue at around 8 pm. Since the show was scheduled to begin at 9 pm, I wasn’t in a hurry. I got in easily, no queues, no one to stop me. Inside, S.O.J.A. were at the end of their performance playing Rest of My Life. Lots of people sitting on the steps waiting for the best that was yet to come, talking and holding their drinks, made way for me so that I could grab a cup as well.

Apart from a few people at the front, the public wasn’t giving the feedback the band expected. Most people were not there to see them anyway, but if you asked me, I’d say I felt ashamed of my fellow countrymen for their lack of politeness. A bit of applause wouldn’t have killed anyone.


At 9 o’clock, the place was crowded. People everywhere and I was struggling to find a good view due to my short height. As I did it, Dave Matthews and his band climbed up the stage. Words cannot describe what I felt at that very moment. All I could think was “Is this real or am I dreaming?”, just like the lyrics of Crush.

Special guest Carlos Malta

It wasn’t a dream. Well, actually, it was. A dream coming true, right in front of my eyes and I couldn’t help smiling. They opened with Big Eyed Fish, then The Stone and boom! I was back to ’98. If Only was beautiful with everyone singing and clapping hands at the end, Don’t Drink the Water was fantastic and I don’t know how come I didn’t cry when they played Crash Into Me. I was hoping they would play Rapunzel and Gaucho, but they didn’t. If you take a look at the set list below, you’ll see they could have played Rapunzel. They choose 6 songs for the encore and only when it’s time for it, they decide which 2 or 3 they will play. Although I wasn’t lucky then, I found a reason to travel and see another performance of theirs. 🙂

So, how can I describe the gig of my life? Hmm, I think I just did!

Check out the set list

A taste of it:

If Only

Ants Marching + Halloween Intro

Don’t Drink the Water

Photos: André Mota / Letícia de Aquino

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