5 Ways in Which Translators Rock

Lovely and true post! 🙂

Translator's Digest


Translators rock! They just do. Most of the translators I know are wonderful human beings; and I know a lot of translators. Good translators have many traits that relate to their particular kinship to language and culture. Doing a good translation job requires background knowledge, dedication, attention to detail, and patience. When you couple those traits with an excellent command of one or more foreign languages, you get a translator. But what makes translators so amazing, to me, goes far beyond their impressive professional skills. When I say that “translators rock,” what I have in mind are the admirable human qualities of the people I’m thinking of while I write this post.

5) Translators are Interesting People

Whether they are avid readers, poets, writers, painters, photographers, travelers, or athletes, translators are fascinating human beings with varied interests and hobbies.

4) Translators Care

They care about language and culture. They care…

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