The Up and Coming Tour in POA

I’ve got no words to describe this moment. You have to live it. IT’S JUST PERFECT! Check out the set list: Porto Alegre Set List; Sunday 7th November: 1. Venus and Mars / Rockshow 2. Jet 3. All My Loving 4. Letting Go 5. Drive My Car 6. Highway 7. Let Me Roll It 8. The Long And Winding Road 9. Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five 10. Let ‘Em In 11. My Love 12. I’ve Just Seen A Face 13. And I Love Her 14. Blackbird 15. Here Today 16. Dance Tonight 17. Mrs Vandebilt 18. Eleanor Rigby 19. Something 20. … Continue reading The Up and Coming Tour in POA

Sir Paul McCartney

Here on this video is the reason why Sir McCartney is simply a genius. Such a lovely man. I admire him even more now, and I’m pretty sure one of the moments that will make me cry during his performance next Sunday will be when he plays Here Today, the song he wrote right after Lennon’s death.,,GIM1366557-7823-PAUL+MCCARTNEY+FALA+SOBRE+OS+SHOWS+QUE+FARA+NO+BRASIL,00.html Continue reading Sir Paul McCartney

Paul’s Up and Coming

After months of speculation Paul confirms that he will be taking his ‘Up and Coming Tour’ back to Brazil. Paul and his band will arrive in November for two shows in Porto Alegre on November 7th at Beira Rio Stadium and in São Paulo on November 21st at Morumbi Stadium. “It’s great to bring this tour to Brazil. I love Brazil, they love their music – I love them, I love their music.” says Paul.* It will be a massive concert and I’ll be there! \o/ *Info from Continue reading Paul’s Up and Coming


         English classes can be really fun. Here’s an example.          Students were supposed to draw a map of a city including some important places. There was silence, the four of them were thinking hard of what else they could include when this girl shouted: "Polystation"!          Everybody looked at her with question marks in their eyes… What did she mean?         The only boy in the room asked her if it was a new kind of videogame. Playstation, Polystation… it must be a better one…         Then, smiling at the girl, I removed the question marks … Continue reading Polystation