It was 1.13 a.m. last night when I decided to watch this film I had rented without paying much attention to the plot. Well, it’s a very interesting story if you can survive the first 8 minutes in which  apparently disconnected scenes are shown.  At the beginning I thought it was one of those boring films of art that were not made to be watched in the middle of the night. However, it became absolutely intriguing as the story unfolded. Kirsten Dunst plays the role of a melancholic girl superbly and certainly deserved the award she received in Cannes.  Melancholia is a blue … Continue reading Melancholia

Brazilian Cinema

Last weekend was dedicated to the Brazilian Cinema. I chose 3 totally different films to watch and I daresay I wasn’t disappointed at all. Here they are, in order of viewing: 1. FEDERAL (2010) Vital (Carlos Alberto Riccelli) is a Brazilian federal police deputy who leads a special investigation group focused on capturing an international drug lord, named Carlos ‘Beque’ Batista. Vital’s team is completed by three other cops: Dani (Selton Mello), Lua (Cesario Augusto) and Rocha (Christovam Neto). Dani is a young federal agent, whose specialty is to infiltrate in and investigate the activities of the young drug oriented … Continue reading Brazilian Cinema