Hey, guys! If you’ve been aware of the news here in Brazil, and whether you are thinking or not about coming for the World Cup 2014, please, take a few minutes to watch this and help us make some noise because the Brazilian people is fed up with  their federal defective justice system and political issues. In 1992, our people had the courage and the power to change the history of this country by going out to the streets with their faces painted in green and yellow and demanding the former president’s impeachment and they got it. The time to do … Continue reading #changebrazil

Por que você não arruma namorado? Por Fabrício Carpinejar

Como está na moda ler a coluna do Fabrício Carpinejar no Jornal Zero Hora, resolvi dar uma espiada e, por achar o texto bem interessante, decidi compartilhá-lo. Aproveite. Fabrício Carpinejar 27/04/2013 | 09h02 Por que você não arruma namorado? “Entenda, minha amiga, só ama quem está disposta a ser amada.” Você não entende como não começa um relacionamento, como não se apaixona novamente, como não muda de vida. Reclama da ausência de opções. É bonita, inteligente, divertida. Minha hipótese é que não abandonou o passado. Mantém flertes com o ex indiferente, ou continua saindo com sujeito que jamais assumirá o romance. … Continue reading Por que você não arruma namorado? Por Fabrício Carpinejar

A Country Mourns

Hey, guys! I know it’s been a little while since my last post, but it’s been hard to write anything or look for anything nice to post, specially after this awful weekend. You have probably heard about the tragedy that occured in Santa Maria, in my state, Rio Grande do Sul. There was a fire in a nigthclub and 234 young men and women died so far. The number, unfortunately, can increase since about 100 people are still in hospital. I didn’t know anyone there, but I grieve for their families, who lost their beloved children. It’s just me being … Continue reading A Country Mourns

And If I Was There…

Where should you emigrate? – quiz As Europe’s crisis deepens, thousands are moving abroad in search of better economic conditions and a better life. Answer these seven simple questions, and our migratometer will tell you where you should think about relocating. http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/quiz/2012/jun/01/where-should-you-emigrate-quiz?CMP=SOCNETTXT6967 I don’t live in Europe, but took the quiz above anyway because I wondered if I’d be sent back to Brazil. Instead, I got Canada. Well, so after I go to Europe and get tired of living there, I know I should try living in America again. 😉 Your results: Your choices show you should think about moving to Canada. … Continue reading And If I Was There…

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KONY 2012   Here’s a campaign that has been gaining support across all social network websites and Youtube! The name of the campaign is KONY 2012 and has been set up by the wonderful people at “Invisible Children” to try to raise awareness/support for the arrest of Joseph Kony and set a precedent for international justice. This campaign has gone viral within 2 days with celebrities and politicians all taking part in it. Heres the link to “Invisible Children’s” video about the campaign so PLEASE take a look!! – Joseph Kony is a man… Continue reading

A Defesa da Ignorância por David Coimbra

Depois de dias de discussões acerca do tal livro do MEC, leia o texto na íntegra de David Coimbra, o qual desencadeou o debate e a emissão de opiniões enfurecidas de vários estudantes de Letras. A defesa da ignorância O comentário de Beatriz é um excelente exemplo da “evolução” da EDUCAÇÃO BRASILEIRA. Beatriz diz: 19 de maio de 2011 às 11:07 am Esse estava num blog no clicrbs acho que no inicio do mês exemplifica bem o que é a educação no Brasil hoje. “Evolução” no ensino da Matemática Antigamente se ensinava e cobrava tabuada, caligrafia, redação, datilografia… Havia aulas de Educação … Continue reading A Defesa da Ignorância por David Coimbra

What’s Going On with Education in the UK?

Student protest over fees turns violent   Protesters smash windows and get onto roof of Tory HQ as estimated 50,000 attend London rally  Paul Lewis, Jeevan Vasagar, Rachel Williams and Matthew Taylor guardian.co.uk  Wednesday 10 November 2010 17.50 GMT   Student protests: a demonstrator kicks in windows at Millbank. Photograph: Dominic Lipinski/PA   Protesters smashed windows and waved anarchist flags from the roof of the building housing the Conservative party headquarters as the fringe of a vast rally against university funding cuts turned violent. The scale of the London protest defied expectations, with an estimated 50,000 turning out to vent … Continue reading What’s Going On with Education in the UK?

The New (Female) President

Last night it was announced: Dilma Rousseff became the first woman in charge of Brazil’s presidency in 510 years. Like Mr Lula likes to say “Never before in the history of this country” has such a thing happened. Rousseff had never been elected for anything probably because she had never run for any positions before. In her 25-minute speech, she reinforced the goal (or promise?) of eradicating poverty in Brazil. That’s a tough one, I can’t help becoming suspicious on such a serious statement, but let’s hope she makes it. Check what’s being said about our new president and have your own conclusions: … Continue reading The New (Female) President