The Brazilian (Lack of) Patriotism

       I was wrong. Yes, I have to admit I was wrong when I said the Brazilian patriotism would last a month. The month in which the World Cup is on.      In fact, the Brazilian patriotism lasts precisely the time the Brazilian squad is in the competition, which was 22 days this year. Now, you go everywhere and there are no green and yellow decorations any more, no flags waving ouside the cars windows… Absolutely nothing.      And for those who were still in doubt, the Brazilians have once again confirmed: Brazil is the country of football … Continue reading The Brazilian (Lack of) Patriotism

Brazil 3 x 1 Côte d’ Ivoire – Brazil Classified

                     It was high time Brazil showed some real football, the football as we all know. Although it was a good match, it was also a very aggressive one, not to say violent. I totally disapprove of Ivory Coast’s lack of discipline. They started to get so nervous and irritated for being in a disadvantageous position that they started to become violent, showing and sticking their shoes soles on the Brazilians’ shins. They provoked so much that Kaká, who had been suffering with dozens of fouls which the referee simply didn’t see or pretended not to, wasn’t able to keep calm … Continue reading Brazil 3 x 1 Côte d’ Ivoire – Brazil Classified

Elegance Champions

  Campeões de elegância                                                por David Coimbra Desci à Zona Mista de entrevistas de Inglaterra versus EUA, neste fim de semana, e constatei: o English Team é deveras elegante. No vestir, digo.                                             Cada um dos boleiros súditos da rainha saiu do vestiário trajando um discreto e bem cortado terno cinza, com camisa igualmente cinza, só que mais clara, gravata fina, porém não muito, e sapatos pretos, lustrosos a rebrilhar. Todos estavam com os paletós fechados, exceto pelo último botão, como prezam as normas da distinção que aprendi com dona Célia Ribeiro, que, espero, me lê aí do outro … Continue reading Elegance Champions

World Cup 2010

         This week there will be the opening of a worldly important event, the FIFA World Cup, and Brazil will stop for at least 90 minutes next Tuesday, as usual, because it is a time (the only time) for Brazilians to show all their patriotism. Shame it lasts only a month…     Nearly 180,000,000 people will have alternative work schedules and many appointments will be called off. Since we can’t fight this nor cancel our classes, my colleagues and I have thought of a pleasant way of joining English classes and football: after teaching the predetermined lessons we have to, we will watch … Continue reading World Cup 2010