Brasília Feedback

Hey, it’s been a while, I know, and I apologise for that.. However, I’ve finally found the time to write, so here it comes. As you know, 2 weeks ago, nearly 3 now, I went to Brasília to take a test that would change my professional career. Well, I didn’t do that good on it because I hadn’t got the time I needed to focus on my studies, so it wasn’t a surprise, no. I guess I’ll still be teaching for a while. But much to my relief, I met a very nice couple, Leo and Lud, who’s from Minas Gerais, but work and … Continue reading Brasília Feedback

Couchsurfing in Brasilia

Today I’m trying the couchsurfing project for the first time. I’ve met this friendly couple online who kindly offered me a couch and all the support I needed so that I could have a good time while in Brasilia. I’m both very excited and anxious about it, specially about the test I’m taking there tomorrow. If I pass, a big change in my life will happen. I’ll have a new job, a new place to live in and new challenges. So wish me luck! If you want to know more about the couchsurfing experience, visit Continue reading Couchsurfing in Brasilia

New York Brass Band

After catching a fucking cold and being assisted (assisted, really?) by a doctor who thought all I needed was to be listened to instead of treated (bloody hell! – I wonder if she was a psychologist and what the hell she was doing at the emergency department), all I could think about was those freaking 40 degrees I hate so and how I’d get back to them sooner. It was only then I caught myself in the windy weather, standing in front of these boys. They are really cool. So cool that they even made me forget how cold it was in York and … Continue reading New York Brass Band

Untold Hostel Rules

When you share a room with other people while travelling, you should bear in mind there are some things you should – and many you shouldn’t do – especially when ladies are around. Tip #1 Always shower, especially before going to bed. Make sure you don’t have cheesy feet that will pollute the entire room. Definitely disgusting. Tip #2 If you aren’t going to get up as soon as your alarm clock wakes you up, why setting it up at all? If you let it on by accident, make sure you turn it off soon. The other people in the … Continue reading Untold Hostel Rules

Shocking French

My first time in Paris was a bit shocking, I must admit. Not because the French would be rude, would not answer me or help me with my suitcase. That was already expected since I had been warned. But, the fact that they would take the underground train service without paying shocked me. Young men, old ladies, everyone would do it and nobody would say anything. My face? This one 😮 Just for the record, a quick comparison: when I returned from Paris to England, as soon as I arrived at York station, a very kind lad offered to help me … Continue reading Shocking French