I was earlier today at a video rental shop with my kid when I noticed a 7-year-old girl wearing dirty clothes and flip-flops telling her toothless granny about a film she had seen on the shelf. It was about Zeus and her granny understood God instead (because it sounds alike in Portuguese, Deus) and the mad little girl said, “No, granny! It’s Zeus not God. It’s a Greek god and… oh forget it!” I was completely astounded but suddenly filled with hope for the next generation. Everything isn’t lost after all! Continue reading Zeus

Dudu and the Chocolate Factory

I have just watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with my child and at that final part, when Willy Wonka offers Charlie to inherit his factory under the condition of not taking his family with him there, I felt I had to ask my son what he would do: – Dudu, would you accept his offer and live in the chocolate factory if you couldn’t take mummy with you? What would you do? – Hmmm… I’d take a photo of you… – Hahaha! Oh, dear… Continue reading Dudu and the Chocolate Factory


A meadow filled up with tulips A simple representation of happiness My ideal happiness A child runs into it Laughter is all I hear. Tulips won’t last forever Neither will happiness It seems that child is aware of it Although I know it isn’t so. So I’ll join in Live it to the fullest That’s my moment We’ll laugh And I shall never feel the bluest. Continue reading Tulips