The Dave Matthews Gig of My Life

How can I describe the gig of my life? Well, I got to the venue at around 8 pm. Since the show was scheduled to begin at 9 pm, I wasn’t in a hurry. I got in easily, no queues, no one to stop me. Inside, S.O.J.A. were at the end of their performance playing Rest of My Life. Lots of people sitting on the steps waiting for the best that was yet to come, talking and holding their drinks, made way for me so that I could grab a cup as well. Apart from a few people at the … Continue reading The Dave Matthews Gig of My Life

Funny The Way It Is – DMB

Lying in the park On a beautiful day Sunshine in the grass And the children play Sirens passing Fire engine red Someone’s house is burning down On a day like this Evening comes And we’re hanging out On the front step And a car goes by With the windows rolled down That War song is playing “Why Can’t We Be Friends” Someone is screaming and crying In the apartment upstairs Funny the way it is If you think about it Somebody’s going hungry Someone else is eating out Funny the way it is Not right or wrong Somebody’s heart is … Continue reading Funny The Way It Is – DMB