The Dave Matthews Gig of My Life

How can I describe the gig of my life? Well, I got to the venue at around 8 pm. Since the show was scheduled to begin at 9 pm, I wasn’t in a hurry. I got in easily, no queues, no one to stop me. Inside, S.O.J.A. were at the end of their performance playing Rest of My Life. Lots of people sitting on the steps waiting for the best that was yet to come, talking and holding their drinks, made way for me so that I could grab a cup as well. Apart from a few people at the … Continue reading The Dave Matthews Gig of My Life

The Meaning of Dreams

Last night, I dreamt I was shot in the head, but didn’t die. Dreaming of shots, especially of being shot, isn’t the most pleasant experience you can have and, because I woke up worried about it, I decided to check its meaning even though I don’t totally believe such interpretations. Anyway, at the end, it turned out it was something good. It’s said to mean good change in one’s life, so this time I think I’ll be positive and believe it! 🙂 Continue reading The Meaning of Dreams