Por que você não arruma namorado? Por Fabrício Carpinejar

Como está na moda ler a coluna do Fabrício Carpinejar no Jornal Zero Hora, resolvi dar uma espiada e, por achar o texto bem interessante, decidi compartilhá-lo. Aproveite. Fabrício Carpinejar 27/04/2013 | 09h02 Por que você não arruma namorado? “Entenda, minha amiga, só ama quem está disposta a ser amada.” Você não entende como não começa um relacionamento, como não se apaixona novamente, como não muda de vida. Reclama da ausência de opções. É bonita, inteligente, divertida. Minha hipótese é que não abandonou o passado. Mantém flertes com o ex indiferente, ou continua saindo com sujeito que jamais assumirá o romance. … Continue reading Por que você não arruma namorado? Por Fabrício Carpinejar

The Meaning of Dreams

Last night, I dreamt I was shot in the head, but didn’t die. Dreaming of shots, especially of being shot, isn’t the most pleasant experience you can have and, because I woke up worried about it, I decided to check its meaning even though I don’t totally believe such interpretations. Anyway, at the end, it turned out it was something good. It’s said to mean good change in one’s life, so this time I think I’ll be positive and believe it! 🙂 Continue reading The Meaning of Dreams

A Toast To A New Life

– Why are you doing this to yourself? Stop acting like a loser, and begin to live for yourself! – I know, I know… – Seriously, what’s the matter with you? – It’s that I can’t take this anymore… It’s been so long and nothing seems to have changed… for me, at least. – Don’t tell me you don’t know why. – I don’t, no. Why, do you know why? – It’s simple, you’ve been so focused on one thing that you can’t see all the rest that’s around you. – But I don’t know if I want to see what’s around… … Continue reading A Toast To A New Life


Although it’s not a Hollywood production, London (2005) turns out to be quite interesting for exposing some of the most feared male torments. Between a snort and a sip, a sip and a smoke, these words caught on my mind… Bateman (Jason Statham): I don’t know whether it’s the culture or what but the English, in general, are very into pain and spanking. … Sid (Chris Evans): I didn’t know the English were so fucked up. Bateman: Mate, the English are very, I mean, very fucked up. I wonder if that’s so… Continue reading London

Secret Confessions

I secretly love you, he thought. But I think of you all the time Was what he said. Can’t forget the smell of your hair And that hug you gave me. Why do you vanish? Don’t you know how much I miss you? Why am I not flattered like I should, she thought. Those words brought her fear instead of a grin And only then did she realise it was because Those words haven’t come from the one she loves. Continue reading Secret Confessions

What Goes On In Here

Always ready Waiting for your invitation But you don’t know Don’t know what goes on in here Don’t know what you want Don’t know if you want. It seems you do what you will Maybe you really do it Maybe it’s just your shield Maybe you are just naïve. And you don’t realise You break my heart Whilst trying to prevent me From breaking yours.   See the Portuguese original here https://downthehillbrazil.wordpress.com/2011/05/09/o-que-se-passa-aqui/ Continue reading What Goes On In Here