Couchsurfing in Brasilia

Today I’m trying the couchsurfing project for the first time. I’ve met this friendly couple online who kindly offered me a couch and all the support I needed so that I could have a good time while in Brasilia. I’m both very excited and anxious about it, specially about the test I’m taking there tomorrow. If I pass, a big change in my life will happen. I’ll have a new job, a new place to live in and new challenges. So wish me luck! If you want to know more about the couchsurfing experience, visit Advertisements Continue reading Couchsurfing in Brasilia

Evolved or Clueless?

Some days ago, a friend of mine, who has lived in Europe for years, and I were talking about Europe, more specifically about Germany, Belgium, England, the English, European people in general and their behaviour as well as their beliefs. He told me about how women behaved, comparing Europeans to Brazilians. He also told me he had seen loads of shite that people do not tell anyone. Sexual orgies and that kind of stuff. I got shocked. He called them hypocrites.  He said we Brazilians have evolved a lot as far as sex is concerned. Brazilians are more sexually evolved than Europeans. … Continue reading Evolved or Clueless?