I was earlier today at a video rental shop with my kid when I noticed a 7-year-old girl wearing dirty clothes and flip-flops telling her toothless granny about a film she had seen on the shelf. It was about Zeus and her granny understood God instead (because it sounds alike in Portuguese, Deus) and the mad little girl said, “No, granny! It’s Zeus not God. It’s a Greek god and… oh forget it!” I was completely astounded but suddenly filled with hope for the next generation. Everything isn’t lost after all! Continue reading Zeus


Tired of the same old story, You decide it’s time for a challenge. You think and think but don’t seem to find it. You’re tired of keeping his stuff wishing that one day he’ll come for it. But then you realise that if he ever comes, it will be for his stuff, not for you. You get sad as you realise it will never happen. But then again you won’t let that hurt you. You want a challenge, remember? So just leave that behind and step forward for a change. Continue reading Challenge

Deceiving Spontaneity

Hope’s been lit up once more By four words said without hesitation. What was said isn’t the matter But how it was said is, without pondering. A flash of spontaneity Or a change for good? We might regret it soon But at least we’ll have done What we wanted to do. Shall we do it again? No, probably not Because I don’t want to be left With a broken wing anymore. Posted with WordPress for BlackBerry. Continue reading Deceiving Spontaneity