Foi pouco tempo, mas valeu!

I’ve been upset the last days when I heard that the Cidadão Quem’s gig I was going to attend had been called off after having been put off. Nobody explained why and we were just told how to get a refund. Then, last Saturday, early in the morning, I saw a notification on my phone that clarified everything: Luciano Leindecker, the bass player, had been ill and passed away. The skies certainly have grown darker here in Southern Brazil. Such a shame… You can read the news here: Luciano Leindecker Passes Away – ZH Never to be forgotten. R.I.P. Luciano Leindecker Continue reading Foi pouco tempo, mas valeu!

Dream Theater Along for the Ride Tour 2014

Last Tuesday was simply awesome!! It was the third time Dream Theater visited Porto Alegre, in Brazil, but the first time I saw them live. Their concert is absolutely worth watching. Full of talent and emotion in the air! And, even knowing they were promoting their new live album Breaking the Fourth Wall, which is great, I still think Metropolis Part 2 – Scenes from a Memory is their masterpiece though. Check out some of the moments below. Check out the video: Continue reading Dream Theater Along for the Ride Tour 2014

The Dave Matthews Gig of My Life

How can I describe the gig of my life? Well, I got to the venue at around 8 pm. Since the show was scheduled to begin at 9 pm, I wasn’t in a hurry. I got in easily, no queues, no one to stop me. Inside, S.O.J.A. were at the end of their performance playing Rest of My Life. Lots of people sitting on the steps waiting for the best that was yet to come, talking and holding their drinks, made way for me so that I could grab a cup as well. Apart from a few people at the … Continue reading The Dave Matthews Gig of My Life

Eu Não Entendo – Nenhum de Nós

Por que você não disse que viria? Logo agora que eu tinha Me curado das feridas Que você abriu quando se foi Por que chegou sem avisar? Eu queria tempo pra me preparar Com a roupa limpa, a casa em ordem E um sorriso falso pra enganar Eu não entendo a sua volta Eu não entendo a sua indecisão Num dia sou o seu grande amor No outro dia não, não, não Por que a surpresa da sua volta? Justo quando eu tento vida nova Você vem pra perguntar Se tudo que eu sentia acabou Você até parece um vício … Continue reading Eu Não Entendo – Nenhum de Nós