A Country Mourns

Hey, guys! I know it’s been a little while since my last post, but it’s been hard to write anything or look for anything nice to post, specially after this awful weekend. You have probably heard about the tragedy that occured in Santa Maria, in my state, Rio Grande do Sul. There was a fire in a nigthclub and 234 young men and women died so far. The number, unfortunately, can increase since about 100 people are still in hospital. I didn’t know anyone there, but I grieve for their families, who lost their beloved children. It’s just me being … Continue reading A Country Mourns

Queen Popcorn

At the end of my afternoon class today, I was crowned. I decided to show an episode of a sitcom to my teenage students, and they obviously wanted popcorn because, according to them,  it’s impossible to watch a film without the fantastic white nibbles. One of them even told me: “Teacher, if you make us some popcorn, we’ll crown you. You’ll be our queen! You’ll be our queen!” So, I went upstairs in order to fetch the soft drinks and decided to fulfill their wish… They were right after all! When I came back carrying the buckets of popcorn, it happened. “Teacher!!”, one … Continue reading Queen Popcorn

A crise dos 50

This tale is by a student who’s absolutely precious to me. She’s a teenager who enjoys classic Literature and can write pretty well, which is something rare nowadays, if you ask me. Here’s her first tale. It’s in Portuguese but I’m sure you can manage to understand it. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. A crise dos 50 by Marina Guerin Era dia de festa em minha casa, pois comemorava 50 anos. Toda a minha família e todos os amigos foram convidados. Esperava ansiosamente a chegada de todos e a cada pessoa que chegava, uma alegria tomava conta do meu ser. Era ótimo as pessoas que amo comemorando comigo meu dia de anos. Tudo estaria perfeito, a noite seria perfeita se aquele fato não tivesse ocorrido… A campainha tocou, … Continue reading A crise dos 50

A Defesa da Ignorância por David Coimbra

Depois de dias de discussões acerca do tal livro do MEC, leia o texto na íntegra de David Coimbra, o qual desencadeou o debate e a emissão de opiniões enfurecidas de vários estudantes de Letras. A defesa da ignorância O comentário de Beatriz é um excelente exemplo da “evolução” da EDUCAÇÃO BRASILEIRA. Beatriz diz: 19 de maio de 2011 às 11:07 am Esse estava num blog no clicrbs acho que no inicio do mês exemplifica bem o que é a educação no Brasil hoje. “Evolução” no ensino da Matemática Antigamente se ensinava e cobrava tabuada, caligrafia, redação, datilografia… Havia aulas de Educação … Continue reading A Defesa da Ignorância por David Coimbra

Good Morning

I’ve just remembered a thing that girl who had a swollen eye told me that day… – Teacher, did you know you are my favourite teacher? I like you very much. – Well, thanks. Why is that? She thought for a moment and said: – I don’t know. I think it’s because you are the only one who says good morning to us as you come into the classroom. And by that she meant I was the only one who really treated them well. It shouldn’t be like that. Continue reading Good Morning