The Creative Mind

Not until 3 years since I started blogging had passed did I write anything on this page. I didn’t really know what to write then – I still don’t – but I understand this is one of the first things people read when visiting a blog, I know it because I always do it. So, I suppose it’s fair enough if you get to know me a little.

My name is Letícia. I’m a Brazilian translator and English teacher, a dedicated friend and a devoted mother of a ten-year old boy.

John & I standing in front of Cavern Club in Liverpool, 2010
Hanging out with John in front of Cavern Club in Liverpool, 2010

I love travelling and been to England 3 times and to France once. Hope to be coming back to Europe soon…

Other things I love include music, theatre, cinema, roller-skating, ice-cream, beer, gigs, reading, playing with my kid, making new friends wherever I go, playing the guitar, even though it’s been ages… On the other hand, there are some things that drive me crazy such as waiting for too long, deliberate stupidity and lukewarm beer!

I’ve decided to keep this blog as a kind of therapy and whenever I feel sad, anxious, desperate, happy or excited, I try to translate those feelings into poems that I call thoughts, but this blog is also about things I like or dislike and feel like sharing.

Now that you know me a little more, please, come back to check my blog out once in a while and feel free to ask me any questions.


January, 2013

Update on December, 2015


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